MAK X-Up is an easy to use visual tool to calculate how many rectangular items can be printed on a sheet or can be cut out of a sheet.

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MAK X-Up DemoThe age-old printing question: “How many fit on a sheet?” is easily answered with this tool.

Use this imposition calculator tool to check how many rectangular items can be printed on a sheet or can be cut out of a sheet. It even supports mixed grain/turned calculations. It does not make cut lists with different sized items on the page though.

It is very easy to use:

Choose the paper size you want to print on, choose the finished size.. and let the program do the calculation for you
You can save your favorite paper sizes to use them again and again

You can select a previously saved paper size from the drop-down or enter the width and height into the top two boxes.
Once a paper size has been entered it can be added to the drop-down with
the “+1′ beside it.
When you have selected a paper size in the drop-down you can delete it from the list with the “-“.
The four size boxes allow calculations like:
4+1/3 or 8-1/4 and similar to allow for easy entry of fractions.
When there is a formula that can not be evaluated or calculates to a negative
then nothing will be drawn and an error message will be displayed in the box
once you leave it. While in it a red underline will appear to mark an incorrect/incomplete formula.
If you don’t mind having mixed grain cuts and rotated prints then you can
select that option as well.
To keep the dimensions in the text output easier apart from the number of
items, it uses ‘u’ as the default output units to indicate the finished size
dimensions since you can use feet, inches, cm, mm…
If you always use one particular unit you can enter that under the ‘Display Units’ menu point.
You can enlarge or maximize the application window to see more details in the drawings when you have many items.
The text output will tell you how many items there are and if you don’t use Mixed Grain then it will also show (SG) or (OG) for the cut items having the same or other grain than the parent sheet (long grain or short grain).

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