MAK Which Elementor Widgets


This plugin will list which Elementor widgets are used on the website so that you can disable unused widgets or delete whole add-ons which are not used.

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MAK Which Elementor Widgets

Many times when designing a new website a developer will install many Elementor add-ons and use whatever widgets are desired.
The problem comes when afterwards the unused widgets should be disabled for increased performance – and maybe whole add-ons could be disabled – but of course basically no one has a running list of which widgets were used.
And to go into each page and check each widget could be very time consuming.

This WordPress plugin looks for active Elementor widgets and displays how many times they are used in any type of searchable post like blog posts, pages, products (some custom post types may be excluded) with a searchable WordPress status (trash and auto-draft are excluded for example).

It then displays a table with the titles, categories and counts of each widget to make it easy to disable unused widgets.

One warning though – only widgets are found. Not settings extensions like parallax backgrounds being added to all widgets, column re-ordering for mobiles and such.

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Also search post types that have been excluded from the general WordPress search

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This plugin is only useful for WordPress with Elementor and Elementor add-ons.

As of 2020-08-27 the plugin has been tested on WordPress 5.2.5 to 5.5 with Elementor 2.9.5 to 3.0.3 running on PHP 5.6.30 to 7.4.8.

It will probably run on WordPress versions 4.5 and up but has not been tested that low.

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